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Can she read it : readability and literacy in health education

This article discusses how to make health information readable. Lists easy-to-read resources. Offers information on how to write for people with low literacy skills. 

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Published: 1987
A natural resource

This article discusses the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding. Lists the political, medical and journalistic work necessary to support women and make breastfeeding a viable option. 

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Published: 1990
Mother bears on the rampage : mothers of chronically-ill children confront the health care system

This article discusses the needs of mothers who have chronically ill children. Shares what these women have to do in order to get quality health care for their family. 



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Published: 1991
Project éco-santé environmental health educational tools

Our health is linked to the quality of our social and physical environments. Project Éco-santé tous ensemble explores the links between women’s heart, breathing, and mental health and their environments through a photo-video and a graphic booklet available in 10 languages (French, English, Urdu, Dari, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Portuguese, Creole and Spanish), and three brochures (available in French and English).

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Published: 2010
Breast cancer resources

This article offers an annonated list of breast cancer resources. 



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Published: 1992

Highlights an organization started 16 years ago that offers shelter, therapy and resources to homeless women in downtown Montreal.


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Published: January 2011
Visioning - the Canadian Women's Health Network: sharing information is essential

This article is intended to stimulate discussion about the need for building a Canadian Women's Health Network. 


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Published: 1992
To Shave or not to Shave: We're not talking legs and underarms - we're talking pubic hair

Information sheet explaining what can happen when shaving pubic hair.

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Profiles - violence in lesbian relationships a double invisibility : an interview with sally papsco

This article is an interview with sally papsco about violence in lesbian relationships. Identifies appropriate resources and support. Discusses the unique challenges of addressing intimate partner violence in lesbian communities. 


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Published: 1993