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Found: federal funding. Missing: a plan to stem privatization. Canadian Health Coalition's analysis of the First Ministers' heal
Provides an overview of the major points of the health care agreement and grades each. Topics graded are: stable and predictable federal funding; accountability and reporting to Canadians; stemming the tide of privatization; reducing waiting times and improving access; home care; elder health and elder care; pharmaceutical strategy; primary care reform; electronic health records; aboriginal health; access to care in the North; health human resources; prevention, promotion and public health; health innovation; Canada Health Act enforcement; and, protect health care from trade laws. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Health care renewal in Canada: measuring up?
Discusses how it is time to examine the collective capacity to measure the performance of health care systems across the country and suggests ways to strengthen transparency and accountability in health care. (See Details)
Published: 2007
Lesbians and healthcare
Discusses the barriers that can prevent lesbians from accessing good healthcare. Offers questions to ask to determine if a healthcare professional will be able to offer you adequate care. Provides tips on looking for a doctor. (See Details)
Published: 2003-2005
What good is health care? Reflections on the Canadian experience
Discusses the medicalization of modern life, doctors' dilemmas in delivering care and the myth of the market in health care.
Published: 2002
Health in the Americas Volume 1
Analyzes health situation and health trends in the Americas. Provides regional analysis of health situations.
Published: 2002
The lesbian health book: caring for ourselves
Explores experiences with health issues that affect lesbians.
Published: 1997
Improving the health of Canadians: an introduction to health in urban places
Explores the patterns of health between and within Canadian cities as well as how the social and physical aspects of urban neighbourhoods and housing may be linked to people's overall health. It reviews the latest research, presents new analyses and explores relevant policies and programs. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Review of significant health care commissions and task forces in Canada since 1983-1984
Identifies the commissions and task forces in Canada since 1983-1984 and designates their relevance and importance to the Canadian health care system. Also analyses significant findings and identifies common themes as well as discernible directions and trends affecting the acute care hospital sector.
Published: 1991
Health in the Americas Volume 2
Analyzes health situation and health trends in the Americas. Provides a country by country analysis of health issues such as specific health problems, and the response of the health system and services.
Published: 2002
Health, illness, and health care in Canada
Looks at health, illness, injury, and death from a sociology standpoint.
Published: 1994