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Health talk: how to communicate with your doctor
Provides advice on taking ownership of your health care, from understanding the Canadian health care system to communicating effectively your health needs, preferences and concerns.
Published: 2000
Women's encounters with the mental health establishment: escaping the yellow wallpaper
Details women's encounters within various mental health settings, and reveals the lack of women-centred focus.
Published: 2002
Health care in Canada survey
Presents findings from annual Canadian health care surveys that examine health care providers, managers, and the public. Uncovers key issues at stake for Canadians. (See Details)
Published: 2001-
The handbook of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender public health: a practitioner's guide to service
Provides a focus on LGBT public health, offering positive direction for practitioners looking for guidance in methods to take into consideration the special needs of sexual minorities.
Published: 2005
Baby boom to generation X: progress in young women's health
Appears as a chapter in "The American Woman 2003-2004, Daughters of a Revolution--Young Women Today," Cynthia Costello, Vanessa Wight, and Anne J. Stone, editors. Explores the changes that have taken place in young women’s health over the past twenty-five years. Discusses young women’s health status and access to care since the 1970s, outlines programmatic developments in health care as they affect young women, and examines the impact of cultural shifts in reproductive health and maternity care as well as the contribution of new medical advances. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Health care in Canada 2004
Provides information on the health care system In Canada, focusing primarily on safe care. Also includes information on health human resources, experiencing care, wait times, and the cost of providing health care in Canada
Published: 2004
Immigrant women and health: OCASI Presentation
Presentation discusses health and wellness issues of immigrant and refugee women, including barriers and challenges in accessing healthcare services,and lack of research on immigrant women and healthcare. Also provides a statistical overview. (See Details)
Building on values: the future of health care in Canada: final report
Presents recommendations that outline actions that must be taken in critical areas, including medicare, health care, citizenship, and federalism, and more. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Caring for lesbian and gay people: a clinical guide
Offers health practitioners a comprehensive reference work in order to better treat and serve lesbian, gay and bisexual patients.
Published: 2003
How to survive our patchwork health care
Book review of Michael Decter and Francesca Grosso's "Navigating Canada's Health Care: A User Guide to Getting the Health Care you need," discussing the regionalization of health care and how your health needs may not determine your access to care but rather your location. (See Details)
Published: 2007