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Social determinants of health: the Canadian facts

The primary factors that shape the health of Canadians are not medical treatments or lifestyle choices but rather the living conditions they experience. These conditions have come to be known as the social determinants of health. This information – based on decades of research and hundreds of studies in Canada and elsewhere – is unfamiliar to most Canadians. Canadians are largely unaware that our health is shaped by how income and wealth is distributed, whether or not we are employed and if so, the working conditions we experience.

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Published: May 2010
Women Who Care: Women's stories of health care and caring

In her third year of medical training -- discouraged by how little focus there was on caring -- a young woman was faced with a decision: she could throw her hands up and quit or she could risk speaking up and work toward change. She decided to send out a call (through the Canadian Women's Health Network) asking women to share their experiences of health care and caring. Her e-mail inbox immediately overflowed with stories from women across Canada. Together, this amazing group of women wrote Women Who Care.

Published: 2010
Nurturing politics and health centres de sante des femme du quartier

This article speaks to the importance of women run centres; Centres de Sante des Femme du Quartier in Quebec is a featured example of a grass roots francophone women's health centre.



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Published: 1979
Healthcare and lesbians

This article explores health care issues of special concern to lesbians. Homophobia and challenges to accessing safe health care. Gynecological and breast health concerns. 

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Published: 1985
A futuristic nightmare

In this article Judy Darcy shares her vision of what life could be like under free trade. Illustrates the impact on social services and public programs. 


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Published: 1988
Mother bears on the rampage : mothers of chronically-ill children confront the health care system

This article discusses the needs of mothers who have chronically ill children. Shares what these women have to do in order to get quality health care for their family. 



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Published: 1991
Do seniors get good health care?

This article is an up-front look at some of the pressing issues facing seniors today. Illustrates a general dissatisfaction with doctors and the quality of health care services.  

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Published: 1992
Health carelessness and the plight of immigrant women

This article shares stories of immigrant women living in Manitoba. Examines what can happen to newcomers who need medical care, yet are still struggling to understand the health-care system, its culture and society. Illustrates the challenges immigrant women face in having their needs met. 


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Published: 1993