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Gender equality in the labour market: lessons learned

Identifies policies and programs that have improved position of women in the labour market. Requires a PDF reader.

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Published: 2002
Employment equity policy in Canada: an interprovincial comparison

Presents findings from research comparing employment equity policies in Canada's 10 provinces and the federal government.

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Published: 2000
Employment equity for women: breaking down barriers in the workplace
Discusses the barriers to employment equity that include: common myths about women and the workplace; and workplace barriers such as hiring practices, job promotions, and balancing work and family responsibilities. Also provides five practical steps for breaking down the barriers to equality that women, Aboriginal people, people with disabilities and members of visible minorities face.
Published: 1999
Men's and women's quality of work in the new Canadian economy
Analyzes how gender issues are playing out in the process of economic and workplace change. Provides new evidence on what women and men want in a job, and how they are experiencing the transition to a knowledge-based economy. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Is work working for women?
Provides an overview of the quality of women’s work as a background for discussion at the Canadian Labour Congress 2003 Women’s Conference. Highlights the role of unions in reducing labour market inequality between women and men, and makes brief reference to better conditions in some other countries. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Women's work: challenging and changing the world
Provides an overview of the backlash and opposition to women’s equality, the connections between movements organizing for equality, the role of union women, where women are today and the gains made broadly and in the labour movement, and the challenges to organizing for change. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Employment equity for women... still matters
Brings together concrete suggestions to improve participation of women in all groups and at all levels of the federal Public Service. (See Details)
Published: 2000
A tool kit for managers on recruitment, retention and promotion of persons with disabilities and members of a visible minority g
Presents information and brings together suggestions desinged to enable managers to identify and select diverse candidates, develop talent and empower employees. Includes two booklets, and four pamphlets.
Breaking through the glass ceiling: women in management
Published: 2001
Women and unpaid work: policy guide
Discusses the issue of unpaid work and how it impacts the financial security and social status of those who perform it, especially women. Argues that governments tend to not take the value of unpaid work into account when making policy decisions, and that this often has a detrimental consequences for women. Briefly discusses both the PEI situation and that of Canada as a whole. Provides recommendations to the PEI government, including public education, employment, and research initiatives. (See Details)
Published: 2003