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Two moms better than one?
Discusses lesbian parenting, artificial insemination, finding the right donor, and the difficulties of defining roles. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Nurturing assistance: support for parents with disabilities
Describes the goals of the Nurturing Assistance program, which is a consumer-directed service providing physical assitance to parents with disabilities who have young children. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Enlightening parenthood

This article outlines and critically examines old notions of child-raising and discuses perils and pitfalls of different parenting courses offered; highlighting the wisdom that unfolds with mentorship gained from group experiences, questions the “expert” tradition, discusses alternatives to parenting courses; self help model, child-parent centres, create long terms support networks.



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Published: 1980
New age procreation

This article speaks to the encroaching medicalization and commercialization of the reproductive process. Explores the pro's and con's of new reproductive technologies for women. 


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Published: 1985
The mother myth: a feminist analysis of post partum depression

This article offers a feminist analysis of the spectrum of post partum emotional adjustments.  Discusses post partum depression as a metaphor of women's oppression as mothers. Asks crucial questions about the problems that isolated nuclear family parenting poses for women. 

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Published: 1989
A different parent

This article explores disabilty and parenting. Introduces the educational video "Talking it Out in the Family," a project  to help improve communication in families by sharing the experiences of parents with disabilities and their families.  

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Published: 1990
Mother bears on the rampage : mothers of chronically-ill children confront the health care system

This article discusses the needs of mothers who have chronically ill children. Shares what these women have to do in order to get quality health care for their family. 



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Published: 1991
Breaking with tradition

This article focuses on how lesbians who are choosing to co-parent in couples are defining and living out their parenting. Shares stories of lesbian couples experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenting. How research can be useful. 

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Published: 1993