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Widespread use of SSRI antidepressants drives soaring health care costs in Canada/What are SSRI antidepressants?
Questions the science behind SSRI antidepressants and their real-world effectiveness. Examines why so many SSRIs are prescribed to women, as well as safety concerns and alternative treatment options. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Everybody knows someone who...

This article explains what dysmenorrhea is. Discusses spectrum of causes. Outlines alternative treatments as well as allopathic treatments.


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Published: 1981
Through the medical maze

This article examines one woman's experience with breast cancer. 

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Published: 1984
Under his thumb - teenage battering

This article discusses the problem of violence against young women in dating relationships. Highlights the ways in which experiences of teenage women in abusive relationships are unique and require appropriate attention and resources. 

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Published: 1984
Elderly and able?

This article explores the health problems of growing older. Discusses mental health and aging. Challenges for elders without community support. 

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Published: 1987
Looking beyond labels

This article highlights two new and controversial psychiatric classifications.  Discuses the adverse effects these new classifications will have on the way in which women will be seen and treated by mental health professionals in both Canada and the U.S. 


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Published: 1988
"dear mr. m"

This article shares a story of surviving the psychiatric system through letters and personal narrative and reflection.  Discusses women and mental health,  institutionalization, patient-physician relationships and support. 

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Published: 1989
A population at risk

This article discusses immigrant women, refugee women and visible minority women and mental health. Identifies factors that constitute stress in the lives of these women and so create a vulnerability to psychosomatic problems. Explores how the needs addressed can be met. 




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Published: 1991
Understanding stigma through a gender lens

Expalins how women and men experience and apply stigma differently.

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Published: 2009
The right to grieve: two women talk about their abortions

This article includes a conversation between two women about their abortion experiences. Addresses depression and grief. 

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Published: 1983