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An invisible epidemic: the implications of gender neutrality for managing HIV/AIDS in low-incidence countries

Discusses the role of gender in the HIV/AIDS pandemic and calls for amended health care and social policy responses to the needs and experiences of women and men.

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Published: 2006
Final payments: socioeconomic costs of palliative home caregiving

Analyzes gender differences, differences between formal and informal caregivers, and regional (British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia) and diagnosis-related differences between male and female palliative caregivers.

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Published: 2002
The Charlottetown Declaration on the right to care

Details the fundamental principles for a national home care strategy that ensures equity for both women and men, and recognizes that home care needs to be an integral part of a publicly administered health care system.

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Published: 2002
Final payments: socio-economic costs of palliative home caregiving in the last month of life

Assesses the socio-economic costs and benefits for both female and male informal and formal caregivers providing palliative home care (focusing on the last month of life) to a cancer or AIDS patient. Examines a comprehensive set of costs and benefits-including social, economic, emotional, psychological and spiritual-experienced by these caregivers.

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Published: 2002
Work-life balance

Explores the topic of work-life balance and its related consequences. Speaks to the causes and outcomes of time-stress felt, including gender roles and the changing family, declining fertility rates, informal caregivers and, lifetime labour transitions. PDF required.

Published: 2006
The journey begins

Explores the issues of gender and sexual identity. Discusses relationships, sex, and HIV/AIDS. Describes how to communicate with family and friends about being gay. Makes suggestions on how to find more information on gender and sexual identity.

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Published: 2000
Home care and policy: bringing gender into focus

Discusses several home care issues and argues that demographic, social and economic differences between women and men must be taken into consideration when developing home care policy. It concerns itself with users of home care as well as with providers, both paid and unpaid. It seeks to raise awareness of gender as a variable in developing and implementing public policy about home care and proposes that policy options be subjected to a systematic analysis of gender-based differences. (See Details)

Published: 1998
Gender and violence in the mass media
Examines the nature and impact of gender portrayal and violence in the mass media. Considers how violence against women is portrayed in the media and what effects it has on viewers. (See Details)
Published: 1993
School success by gender: a catalyst for masculinist discourse
Offers an analysis of the discourses on school success by gender in the media. Asserts that many industrialized societies, including Quebec and the rest of Canada, are finding more boys than girls having problems in school. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Trade agreements, home care and women's health
Seeks to further the understanding of the consequences of trade liberalization for Canadian women in the specific health sector of home care. (See Details)
Published: 2004