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Making the links: Violence, trauma and mental health

Describes research that establishes a strong association between trauma, violence and mental health.

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Published: 2009
After birth blues

This article shares a conversation with Joan Robertson, a staff person at Post Partum Counselling (PPC) in Vancouver; Differentiates Baby Blues from Post Partum Depression; Discusses women and anger; Women and depression; Child abuse; Changes in relationships postpartum.



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Published: 1980
Incest shadows

This article offers several short stories on the topic of incest. Explores the fear and confusion of a child's experience of family violence.

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Published: 1987
One of a kind

This article introduces the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre and describes the centre's prevention philosophy and the development of their program. Discuses violence against women and children and the use of empowerment as assault prevention. 




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Published: 1991