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Annotated bibliography of Aboriginal women's health and healing research

Provides an interdisciplinary overview of Canadian research literature on issues respecting Aboriginal women, health and healing. Identifies gaps between existing research and community concerns.

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Published: 2005
Q&A: focus on diabetes

Summarizes the historical and socio-economical theories for the high prevalence of diabetes in Aboriginal communities. Includes resources.

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Published: 2002
Diabetes in Canadian women

Reviews the incidence and prevalence of diabetes and its complications among women in Canada. (From Women's Health Surveillance Report: A Multidimensional Look at the Health of Canadian Women)

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Published: 2004
Literature review: behavioural guidelines for adjusting to medical conditions

Presents an overview of issues relevant to quality of life in chronic medical conditions. Reviews approaches to foster successful adaptation to chronic medical conditions.

Published: 2001
Aboriginal diabetes initiative: Métis, off-reserve aboriginal and urban Inuit prevention and promotion: program framework

Provides an overview of the Métis, Off-reserve Aboriginal and Urban Inuit Prevention and Promotion (MOAUIPP) component of the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, a strategy announced by the Government of Canada in 1999. Designed to assist in meeting the needs of Aboriginal people dealing with the epidemic of type 2 diabetes in their communities. Describes the program purpose, target population, objectives, primary prevention and health promotion priorities, program delivery model, funding, project criteria, accessing program resources, and monitoring and evaluation for the MOAUIPP.

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Published: 2000
Aboriginal diabetes initiative: First Nations on-reserve and Inuit in Inuit communities: program framework

Outlines the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative, a Health Canada project designed to help meet the needs of Aboriginal people in combating the epidemic of type 2 diabetes in their communities. Describes the target population, program purpose, program objectives, program elements, delivery model, funding, criteria and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, for the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative.

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Published: 2000
Meals for good health
Published: 1998
Love your heart: encouraging healthy Inuit hearts (Inuinnaqtun)
Discusses how the heart works, the causes of preventable heart diseases, and what individuals can do to keep their hearts healthy, in Inuinnaqtun. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Trans people and diabetes
Discusses diabetes risk for transgendered people. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Diabetes: a Manitoba strategy
Provides recommendations for optimal diabetes prevention, education, care, research and support in Manitoba. (See Details)
Published: 1998