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Sexuality and cancer

Presents and online booklet provided by CancerBACUP, a British cancer information service. Discusses the effects cancer can have on one's sexuality, and provides resources and information on this topic.

Published: 2002
Annotated bibliography: sexuality and human rights

Provides an introduction to the issue of sexual rights/sexuality and human rights.

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Young men and HIV: culture, poverty and sexual risk

Explores young men's sexuality - their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour - as a factor driving the international AIDS pandemic. Looks at risk behaviours, such as sex with more than one partner and without a condom, and social conditions, such as poverty, that discourage young men from protecting themselves.

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Published: 2001
Contraceptive technology & reproductive health series

Provides training modules designed to meet the continuing educational needs of family planning practitioners, program managers, and policymakers in resource-constrained settings.

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Published: 2003
Pocket guide for women living with HIV

Provides basic information about HIV and the changes it could bring to a woman's life. Includes a discussion on what HIV is, how it affects women, how it affects personal relationships with others, how to HIV is treated and how to find a doctor.

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Published: 2001
Health sexuality: taking care

Examines the basis of health sexuality: making one's own rules and paying attention to one's feelings. Explores the tenets of a healthy intimate relationship.

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Published: 2003
Sexuality & cancer: for the woman who has cancer, and her partner
Discusses women's sexuality and how it is effected by cancer. Touches on what a "normal" sex life is, healthy sexual response, and elements of female sexual desire and response. Discusses the keys for staying sexually healthy despite cancer treatment, effects of cancer treatment on female sexual desire and response, ways of dealing with sexual problems, special aspects of some treatments, how to keep your sex life going, and myths about cancer. Also included is a special section for single women: when to talk about your cancer, the possibility of rejection and improving your social life. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Taking steps of courage: teaching adolescents about sexuality and gender in Nigeria and Cameroun
Outlines some of the lessons about sexuality education that have emerged from the shared experiences of a number of groups collaborating to empower young women and all adolescents in Nigeria and Cameroun. Briefly describes the changing context of adolescence in Cameroun and Nigeria. Discusses what is meant by sexuality and sexuality education and provides some basic guidelines for teaching this topic. Also outlines issues to consider when developing programs in specific contexts. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Obstacles to equality: the double discrimination of women with disabilities: overview article
Examines the lives of women with disabilities and explores the effects of the double discrimination of gender and disability they face. Demonstrates how women with disabilities have been neglected by both the disability field and the feminist movement. (See Details)
Published: 1990
NGO contributions to sexual & reproductive health & rights in Latin America: recommendations from civil society for improved fol
Presents the observations and general conclusions of the regional NGO including those of the working groups particularly in the areas of promoting sexual and reproductive rights, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, promoting shared responsibilities and male participation, incorporating a gender perspective in sexual and reproductive health services.
Published: 1998