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The impact of overweight and obesity on maternal and newborn health: a critical review of the literature

A literature review that examines the health implications of obesity and overweight in pregnancy, starting with the physical health of women and children and moving on to a consideration of some of the social determinants of health. The review closes with a synthesis of findings and recommendations for further research.

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Published: July 2010
Closing the gap in a generation: health equity through action on the social determinants of health (Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health)

Discusses social justice as a matter of life and death and examines this in the context of the social determinants of health. A girl born today can expect to live for more than 80 years if she is born in some countries – but less than 45 years if she is born in others. Within countries there are dramatic differences in health that are closely linked with degrees of social disadvantage. In its final report, the Commission on Social Determinants of Health calls on the WHO and all governments to lead global action on the social determinants of health with the aim of achieving health equity.

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Published: 2008
Breast cancer incidence and neighbourhood income

Examines how, unlike several other diseases, breast cancer in developed countries is higher among women in higher income groups. They conclude that this association with income “may be partly related to differences in parity and screening mammography, but other factors remain to be identified.” 

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Published: 2011
The role of socio-economic status in diabetes in women

A study that found that low levels of household income and education are associated with the onset of type 2 diabetes in Canadian women, independent of other factors such as the well-established relationship with excess weight. For men, the association between type 2 diabetes and lower education attainment disappeared entirely when weight and behavioural factors were taken into account.

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Published: 2010