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Looking for change: documentation of national women's organizations working towards inclusion and diversity
Documents the struggles associated with inclusion and diversity within national women's groups. Examines how organizational structures facilitate or hinder inclusion and diversity with the intention of reflecting on organizational structures and change rather than on the evaluation of these structures. Data was gathered through interviews which were carried out with twelve national women's organizations. An open-ended interview schedule was developed and used in all of the interviews. In addition to participating in the interview, the groups provided written information such as by-laws, constitutions, newsletters and policies on issues of inclusion and diversity. This report exclusively addresses movement and achievement in relation to inclusion of diverse groups of women who differ from the 'mainstream' or dominant group in terms of their sexual orientation, ability, official language, race and class. Having found no apparent relation between organizational structure and degree of diversity and inclusion, the researchers applied various other frameworks to the question. They conclude that creating conditions which might lead to greater inclusion and diversity is within the reach of many national women's organizations. A number of recommendations are provided at the end of the report. Although this project was limited to national women's organizations its application is much wider. Groups working on various issues and at various levels will find the report useful.
Published: 1996
Training trainers workshops: an ethno-racial perspectives guide
This pamphlet was developed from information shared by the participants at a Multi-Racial Network for Environmental Justice workshop. The objectives of the workshops are to familiarize participants with environmental health issues in an environmental justice and ethno-cultural context, to develop environmental health literacy, and to better integrate these issues into the participants’ lives and work. It contains tools for training workshop trainers and outlines the need for workshops on these issues. The intent of the pamphlet is to help create and lead workshops for school, community, and workplace groups interested in policy education and advocacy on environmental health and justice and primary prevention.
Gender, diversity and HIV/AIDS

Presented at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Ontario, this document looks at such themes as workplace HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, youth and prevention, breastfeeding, and gender-based analysis and HIV resources.

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Published: 2006
Sex, gender and diversity-based analysis checklist

Aims to to encourage and provide guidance to the substance abuse workforce for taking the initial steps towards applying SGDBA to all of their activities. Summarises the processes of applying a sex, gender and diversity lens when developing initiatives, including providing a helpful checklist to guide one through the first steps. Outlines a simplified process that lays the groundwork for future and more comprehensive sex, gender and diversity-based analysis as resources become available.

Developed by CCSA in collaboration with Nancy Poole, Colleen Dell, and the National Advisory Group on Youth Substance Abuse Prevention, to ensure that the needs and realities of boys and girls, women and men, and diverse populations are considered within A Drug Prevention Strategy for Canada’s Youth—a national prevention strategy that aims to reduce illicit drug use by Canadian youth between the ages of 10–24. The tool can be applied to all substance abuse initiatives, from treatment to prevention to workforce development and enforcement.

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Published: 2010