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Rural, remote and Northern women's health: policy and research directions - community kit

Provides summaries and background information about "Rural, Remote and Northern Women's Health: Policy and Research Directions, Summary Report." Also includes information for local communities to use in advocating for change.

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Published: 2005
Effects of mining on women's health in Labrador West

Studies the effects of mining extraction on women’s health in Labrador West. Provides recommendations.

Published: 2004
A breastfeeding study in a rural population in South Australia

Examines breastfeeding rates at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months postpartum in a rural community. Discusses women’s postnatal breastfeeding needs.

Published: 2006
Rural and remote health

Presents an international electronic journal of rural and remote health research, education, practice and policy.

Published: 2004-
Invisibility, safety and psycho-social distress among same-sex attracted women in rural South Australia

Examines how same-sex attracted (SSA) women experience life in rural areas of Australia and how this influences their psycho-social wellbeing.

Published: 2005
Maternity care in the bush: using the Internet to provide educational resources to isolated practitioners

Discusses the establishment and evaluation of an internet-based resource library targeting the needs of remote area maternity service providers.

Published: 2006
Boîte à outils pour le milieu rural

Provides readers with a wide range of information regarding maintaining or establishing a sexual and reproductive health program or service in their community, including methods of obtaining funding, assessing community needs, and developing and evaluating programs. / Comprend des outils et des ressources pour déterminer les enjeux et les besoins de la collectivité ou du groupe auquel vous voulez adresser, pour bâtir un soutien communautaire et établir des partenariats, et pour obtenir des fonds pour vos activités, programmes et services.

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Published: 2002
Enclosures of the mind: intellectual monopolies: a resource kit on community knowledge, biodiversity and intellectual properties

Provides a short history of intellectual property over living organisms, and includes basic information about the significance of intellectual property for rural communities - especially in the South. Includes sections on bioprospecting and biopiracy, and summarizes how the new World Trade Organisation effectively globalizes Northern concepts of intellectual property over life.

Published: 1996
Assessing rural health: toward developing health indicators for rural Canada

Highlights the need to develop rural health indicators.

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Published: 1999
The impact of patient classification systems on women front-line care workers in rural nursing homes
This study explores patient classification systems and their impact on front-line workers in rural long-term care homes in Ontario and Manitoba. (See Details)
Published: 2006