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Language barriers in access to health care

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of current research describing the impact of language barriers on health care access and quality of care, and the role that language access programs can play in addressing these barriers. While the review includes studies done in other countries, this report aims to provide an analysis of the research evidence from a Canadian perspective. (See Details)

Published: 2001
Guidelines on gender-neutral language
Provides alternatives to commonly used words and phrases that exclude women, that are ambiguous, where it is not clear whether the author means one or both sexes, and stereotypical, where the writing conveys unsupported or biased connotations about sex roles and identity. This booklet also includes some definitions of terms used in connection with the advancement of women and women's rights, and suggestions for further reading. (See Details)
Published: 1999
Health carelessness and the plight of immigrant women

This article shares stories of immigrant women living in Manitoba. Examines what can happen to newcomers who need medical care, yet are still struggling to understand the health-care system, its culture and society. Illustrates the challenges immigrant women face in having their needs met. 


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Published: 1993
Long-term care homes legislation : Lessons from Ontario

Looks at why gender matters when discussing long-term care homes using the Ontario Legislature's 2007 Long-term Care Homes Act as an example.

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Published: Fall/Winter 2007
Not quite a refuge: refugee women in canada

This article speaks to experiences of refugee women in Canada. Barriers for refugee women seeking health care and social services. Describes inadequacies of services for refugee women and how they can be improved. 

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Published: 1988
Menopause in Japan means konenki

This article explores the different experiences and understandings of menopause for women in Japan as compared to women in North America. Acknowledges the power of language in shaping our experiences. 

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Published: 1990
Where does the torturer live?

This article discusses domestic violence and the linguistic and cultural barriers barriers for immigrant women that make it difficult to access resources and support. Shares stories and resources. 



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Published: 1991

This article explores some experiences of immigrant women accessing health care services in Canada. Suggests ways to begin to break down some of the barriers to access and equality that exist in our health care system between the health care worker  and the consumer of those services. 


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Published: 1991
Reaching out : women working with immigrant women

This article introduces Women Working With Immigrant Women (WWWIW), a women's group in New Brunswick for immigrant and refugee women. Shares success they have had in making their program accessible. Systemic challenges: racism and sexism. 


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Published: 1992