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Alcohol: a women's issue

Examines the ways in which alcohol consumption affects women differently from men. Explains the negative health effects of moderate and heavy drinking on women.

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Published: 2003
Depression, anxiety, alcohol and other drugs

Investigates the interrelationships between mood, anxiety, and use of substances as well as signs to watch out for that may indicate a disorder requiring intervention.

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Published: 2004
Concurrent disorders: mental disorders and substance use problems

Explores barriers people with concurrent disorders (combination of a mental illness and substance use disorder) can face when looking at treatment options.

Published: 2003
Horizons Two. Canadian women's alcohol and other drug use: increasing our understanding

Based on a report entitled, "Women and Substance Use in Canada." Presents highlights of this report and is intended as a quick reference and resource for addictions and public health staff involved in public education and community development, policy research staff involved in preparing briefs and other informationd documents, and applied researchers who need to collect better information on women's alcohol and drug use.

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Published: 1996
Creating solutions: women preventing FAS: understanding women's substance misuse

Examines how women recover from substance misuse and thus prevent Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).

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Published: 2001
Keeping women and communities strong: women, substance abuse and FAS/FAE, an NWT needs assessment
Examines the special needs of women and teen girls who abuse alcohol or drugs and the influence of poverty, family violence, sexual abuse on substance abuse.
Published: 1996
Alcohol and parenting: the effects of maternal heavy drinking
Examines the effects of alcohol abuse by mothers on the development of their children. Discusses policy implications. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Making connections: a booklet about women and prescription drugs and alcohol
Deals with women's use of alcohol and mood-altering prescription pills, and to some extent mood-altering over-the-counter drugs and tobacco. Examines the connections between prescription drugs, alcohol, and stress in women's lives and explains why women use prescription drugs and alcohol differently than men. Provides help to women who use prescription drugs and alcohol to avoid problems, and find support if they need it.
Published: 1995
Characteristics of pregnant women who engage in binge alcohol consumption
Presents a profile of pregnant women who reported binge drinking and identifies other risk behaviours reported by the same women (such as use of cigarettes, cocaine, and marijuana). (See Details)
Published: 1997
Canadian Indigenous women and substance use
Suggests that the physical consequences of Indigenous women's addictions are not as frequently fatal as males' addictions.
Published: 1995