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The mice that roared: using feminist activist principles to influence policy

Discusses how feminist activist principles can offer effective strategies for inclusive research practices, public advocay and policy change.

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Published: 2001
Feminist research methodology and women's health: a review of literature

Examines the links between feminist methodology and women's health research.

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Published: 1998
Intersectional feminist frameworks: an emerging vision

Explores and discusses the contributions of intersectional feminist frameworks (IFFs) to alternative approaches to re-envisioning policy change and advocacy.

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Published: 2006
Feminism: our basis for unity

Contains information and tools informed by decades of women's experiences and understanding of feminism and the feminist movement. Intended as a discussion guide for women and organizations involved or interested in equality-seeking work.

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Published: 2003
Women and the black diaspora
Engages ideas of the Black diaspora in specifically feminist terms by focusing on how the histories and experiences of migration and displacement affect women's lives.
Published: 2004
Women and HIV/AIDS
Provides articles and essays that examine the vast range of concerns of women affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as the impact on their lives.
Published: 2001
Women and sport
Presents articles and essays that examine the agendas behind the insistence that sports are little more than recreation or entertainment and not worthy of serious study.
Published: 2002
Migration, labour and exploitation trafficking in women and girls
Explores the various dimensions of the feminization of migration and the trafficking of women and girls for work as domestics, live-in caregivers, idustrial labourers, and for sex work.
Published: 2003
Women and peace-building
Presents the writing and stories of women who are working for and theorizing peace in their communities.
Published: 2003
Women, globalization and international trade
Examines the negative effects of neo-liberal trade and globalization on women around the world.
Published: 2002