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Breaking with tradition

This article focuses on how lesbians who are choosing to co-parent in couples are defining and living out their parenting. Shares stories of lesbian couples experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenting. How research can be useful. 

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Published: 1993
The case against depo provera

This article discusses depo provera. Highlights the controversy of discriminatory and unsafe research methods, discusses the drug industry, potential health effects on women, racist practices. 

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Published: 1982
Violence and feminist strategy

This article explores the ways in which feminist approaches to theorizing and strategizing about violence has shifted over the years. Focus on violence and health. 

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Published: 1984
Silence means dissent

This article shares a speech by Andrea Dworkin at The Symposium On Media Violence and Pornography. Calls for a feminist movement against pornography which she argues is a grassroots movement against male supremacy. 



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Published: 1984
Don’t blame mother

This article is an edited version of a speech given by Susan Penfold at the University of Toronto's Rosenstadt Lectureship in community medicine on December 5 1985. Presents historical data around the origins of mother blaming.  

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Published: 1986
Through women’s eyes: the case for a feminist epidemiology

This article calls for a woman-centered approach within medical research. Identifies why a feminist epidemiology is necessary. Defines feminist epidemiology. 

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Published: 1988
The mother myth: a feminist analysis of post partum depression

This article offers a feminist analysis of the spectrum of post partum emotional adjustments.  Discusses post partum depression as a metaphor of women's oppression as mothers. Asks crucial questions about the problems that isolated nuclear family parenting poses for women. 

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Published: 1989
The wisdom of menopause

This article explores the myths, misconceptions and current research about menopause. Presents an overview of current research on some of the most frequently discussed and important questions women ask about menopause. 


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Published: 1990
In whose interest?

This article explores the impact of new reproductive technologies on women of colour. Calls on the white feminist movement to integrate anti-racism as an integral and vital part of feminism. 



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Published: 1991