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A feminist approach to Pap tests
Presents information on Pap tests: how to prepare, what happens during the test, what is being tested and why we use Pap tests. For archival interest.
Published: 1986
Practicing feminist ethics in psychology
Describes feminist ethics in psychology to a broad number of arenas such as teaching, cases of dual or overlapping relationships, antiracist and multicultural education, research, forensic work, and technology.
Published: 1999
Gender, race, and nation: a global perspective
Discusses opening scholarship to the experiences of women in all of their diversity, making links between the differences in local contexts and global contexts, and relating to other women with the understanding of each woman's relative position in terms of power and privilege to facilitate coalition building and develop strategies to address issues of common concern to usher in a just and caring world for all.
Published: 2002
Intervening with battered women: evaluating the effectiveness of a feminist model
Presents the findings of research on a feminist intervention model developed by Ginette Larouche. Compared the experiences of women as participants in three different social service intervention programs: group intervention based on the feminist model, individual feminist intervention, and individual intervention offered by social workers who were not trained in the feminist model. (See Details)
Published: 1992
Rethinking rape
Applies feminist theory to an urgent political and ethical issue to counter definitions of rape as mere assault.
Published: 2001
Women and the black diaspora
Engages ideas of the Black diaspora in specifically feminist terms by focusing on how the histories and experiences of migration and displacement affect women's lives.
Published: 2004
Criminalizing women: gender and (in)justice in neoliberal times
Provides space for criminalized women's narratives and looks to the future with a toolbox full of feminist strategies to be used to address the issues revealed by these narratives.
Published: 2006
Women and HIV/AIDS
Provides articles and essays that examine the vast range of concerns of women affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as the impact on their lives.
Published: 2001
Challenging discourse in health policy research: the case of "lone mothers'

Using discourses on “lone mothers” as a case study, this research paper explores some of the dilemmas of conducting health policy research focused on particular social groups. The paper highlights the importance of health research that takes a reflexive stance towards the role of researchers in creating and augmenting negative and stigmatizing social classifications.

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Published: June 2008
Women’s health in Canada: critical theory, policy and practice

A resource for teaching and understanding women’s health in Canada. Brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners from economics, anthropology, sociology, nursing, political studies, women’s studies, and psychology.

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Published: 2007