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Guidelines for preparing research proposals: navigating the road to success

Presents guidelines designed to help researchers develop research proposals and to identify potential sources of funding for their research. They are general guidelines that have been adapted from typical guidelines for established funding agencies, and enhanced by the experiences of researchers involved in developing health-related research proposals for national, provincial and regional funding agencies. It includes the challenges in health promotion research, women's health research, and multicultural health research.

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Published: 1999
Corporate relationships at the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health: a time to choose
Discusses the role of industry support in the work of the Centres of Excellence for Women's Health. The Centres of Excellence face reduced government funding and the maximization of their resources, in search of funding they may enter into relationships with for-profit organizations; however, the centres must evaluate this option carefully. NGOs must look at the impact such a connection could have on the organization's mission, existing sector partners and collaborators, and internal culture. This paper weighs the pros and cons of developing relationships with for-profit organizations.
Published: 1999