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Building capacity: enhancing women's economic participation through housing

Examines whether affordable housing development and provision can be used to increase skill levels and employability for low-income women.

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Published: 2000
Canada's creeping economic apartheid

Documents how racism shapes the way Canada's non-white population lives and works in Canada. Demonstrates how racism is impacting multiple communities of racialised groups. Concludes with recommendations for the development of a National Urban Strategy that will target urban poverty with racialised community issues as a core part. (See Details)

Published: 2001
Women and the economy: long-term policy research issues

Discusses how long-term policy research questions relating to women and the economy must recognize the interconnection between social, economic and political developments.

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Published: 1997
Counting for nothing: what men value and what women are worth
Analyzes women's place in the world economy, isolating the gender bias in the current system of calculating national wealth.
Published: 1999
Including women: comments on towards prosperity: a discussion paper on developing an economic growth strategy for Nova Scotia
Presents the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women's comments in response to the discussion paper 'Towards Prosperity' drafted by the Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development. Focuses on two issues: ensuring that the proposed vision, principles, critical success factors and strategic directions in 'Towards Prosperity' include women in Nova Scotia, whatever their status, location, or background; and the key elements, presently missing from 'Towards Prosperity' that would help to ensure that women have the opportunity to reach their full economic potential. (See Details)
Published: 2000
Gender and economic globalization: an annotated bibliography
This bibliography focuses on the economic aspects of globalisation and the impact on gender relations, rather than of international governance and human rights. The annoted bibliography is organized into three sections: a) the impact of globilisation (inlcuding structural adjustment and liberalisation, economic crisis and debt, employment, and social issues), b) trade agreements, policy and financial institutions, and c) responses, guides, tools, and general approaches. (See Details)
Measuring genuine progress
Discusses need for better and more accurate measures of progress, as the Gross National Product (GNP) does not distinguish economic activities that bring benefit from those that cause harm. (See Details)
Published: 1999
An inclusion lens: workbook for looking at social and economic exclusion and inclusion
Presents a 20-page workbook for analyzing legislation, policies, programs, and practices to determine whether they promote the social and economic inclusion of individuals, families, and communities, designed for use by policy makers, program managers, and community leaders who work in the context of social and economic exclusion, in both the public and non-profit sectors. Provides a method for analyzing both the conditions of exclusion and solutions that promote inclusion, as well as a way to begin a dialogue with excluded groups, raise awareness about how exclusion works. Also identifies steps to move towards more inclusive policies, programs, and practices. Describes elements of inclusion and exclusion along eight dimensions, and provides a workbook to guide analysis of policies and programs and to plan action to promote inclusion. (See Details)
Published: 2002
International trade policy: a primer
Discusses the concepts and evolution of trade rule-making and provides an overview of a number of trade agreements to which Canada is a party. (See Details)
Published: 2000
International trade: putting gender into the process: initiatives and lessons learned
Examines domestic consultative mechanisms for the development of international trade policy, and reviews efforts taken to integrate gender issues into international trade negotiations both nationally and internationally. (See Details)
Published: 2000