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Depression in adolescent girls: screening and treatment strategies for primary care providers

Demonstrates that adolescent girls are at a higher risk of depression than boys are, and that depression is of particular concern in pregnant and postpartum adolescents because of the potential impact on the infant. Argues that primary care providers (PCPs) should routinely screen adolescent girls for depression and consider depression in their differential diagnoses of somatic complaints.


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Published: 2004
Adolescent girls affected by violent conflict: why should we care?

Recognizes the specific situations of adolescent girls affected by violent conflict. Examines adolescent girls' participation in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and community development.

Published: 2005
Young lives at risk: adolescents and sexual health

Presents a profile of the sexual health of teenagers on a global level and addresses the kinds of risks that are putting their health in danger, such as sexually transmitted diseases, lack of reliable health information, unplanned pregnancy and unsafe abortion, sexual abuse, and anxiety about being attracted to members of the same sex. (See Details)

Published: 1999
The opportunity of adolescence: the health sector contribution

Provides extensive information about the specific health issues for adolescents. Using the determinants of health framework, describes the current health status for adolescents and identifies areas where certain youth have greater needs for information and support. Considers the importance of gender, ethnic and cultural differences in adolescent development and behaviours. Identifies opportunities for the health sector to take action to promote the healthy development of adolescents, building on the health sector's previous investments in early child development.

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Published: 2000
Helping your teens cope: responding to the stress of terrorism and armed conflicts
Offers advise and recommendations to parents, caregivers, family members, and teachers of teens on how to help them cope with the stress of terrorist attacks and armed conflict. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Beyond appearance: a new look at adolescent girls
Presents a balanced view of adolescent girls. Reviews research from a variety of ethnic, racial, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages. Explores gender roles, body image, family and peer relationships, sexual decision making, and experiences at school and in the community
Published: 1999
When teenage girls have been sexually abused: a guide for teenagers
Helps teenage girls who have been sexually abused to understand their feelings about the abuse and know that they are not alone. Defines different types of sexual exploitation and some of the specific laws which make it a criminal offense. Describes their feelings of confusion, embarrassment, fear and anger as well as their experiences in telling someone about the abuse, and finding support. (See Details)
Published: 1994
GirlSource: a book by and for young women about relationships, rights, futures, bodies, minds, and souls
Addresses real-life topics like stress and depression, menstruation, sex, pregnancy, rape, drugs and alcohol, school, friendship, dating, college, work, and discrimination.
Published: 2003
HERA action sheets
Examines topics as gender equality and equity, women's empowerment, and adolescents' sexual and reproductive rights and health. (See Details)
State of world population 2003. Making 1 billion count: invensting in adolescents' health and rights
Examines how neglect and under-funding of one billion adolescents’ reproductive health needs are perpetuating poverty and spreading HIV/AIDS. Details how investing in the health and rights of today’s young people is a critical step in insuring people’s present and future well-being. Also examines how gender inequality and the denial of human rigths threatens girls' and women's lives and health, and undermines efforts to reduce poverty. (See Details)
Published: 2003