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Menopause (including peri and post) and andropause
Lists articles, books, periodicals, and Internet sites on menopause and related topics such as hormone therapy and osteoporosis. Defines terms related to menopause and provides contact information for organizations. (See Details)
The menopause industry: how the medical establishment exploits women
Explains what is really known about midlife health and explores the efect of society's negative views of aging.
Published: 1994
Menopause and midlife health of the 'strong black woman': African Canadian women's perspectives
Reports on the experiences of health and well-being of middle-aged African Canadian women living in Nova Scotia. (See Details)
Published: 2005
A seven step program for getting through menopause and enjoying a longer, healthier life without drugs
Provides an overview of menopause, its symptoms, common treatments and their side-effects.
Published: 1998
Preparing for a healthy menopause (Russian)
Describes what happens to a woman's body at menopause. Provides advice about diet and exercise for a healthy menopause, in Russian. (See Details)
Published: 1997
Challenges of change: midlife, menopause and disability
Examines the barriers and challenges disabled women face as they approach midlife and menopause. Details how women with disabilities have particular information and service needs during their menopausal years. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Menopause & heart disease
Examines the most important information about hormones' effect on heart disease comes from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI). (See Details)
Menopause and culture
Questions the view of menopause as an estrogen-deficiency disease by examining how other vital influences, such as culture, mediate the menopause transition.
Published: 1999
Women with epilepsy
Provides information on daily living, managing seizures, and medications. (See Details)
Menopause: a naturopathic approach to the transitional years
Offers natural solutions to menopause and explores current myths surrounding medical treatments.
Published: 1999