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Women and epilepsy

Identifies the special concerns of women with epilepsy, from adolescence through motherhood and menopause. Highlights practical concerns of women with small children and possible complications during pregnancy.


Published: 2003
Women and epilepsy: the developing baby
Addresses concerns regarding pregnancy and fetal development and epileptic women. (See Details)
Women and epilepsy: parenting concerns
Addresses parenting issues epileptic women may face, including breast feeding, infant bathing, and child-proofing. (See Details)
Women with epilepsy
Provides information on daily living, managing seizures, and medications. (See Details)
Conditions in pregnancy
Lists Motherisk's published studies on the treatment of various conditions in pregnancy. Includes reports on cardiovascular diseases, depression, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Women and epilepsy: pregnancy
Provides information about the impact of epilepsy and anticonvulsant medications on pregnancy and prenatal health. (See Details)
Women and epilepsy: catamenial epilepsy
Looks at the relationship between female sex hormones and epileptic seizures. (See Details)
Women and epilepsy: sexual relationships
Examines the impacts of epilepsy on a woman's sexuality. (See Details)
Women and epilepsy: birth control
Discusses birth control and looks at interactions between epileptic medications and the birth control pill. (See Details)