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An introduction to lupus

Provides information on the types of lupus, how lupus is diagnosed, its causes and symptoms, and treatment options.

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Published: 2001
Lupus: the disease with 1000 faces

Presents detailed information for patients about lupus. Covers topics such as symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, research, the patient's role in controlling lupus, and coping with lupus.

Published: 2001
The many shades of lupus: information for multicultural communities
Gives information on lupus. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Health problems in African American women
Provides general information on various health topics that are of importance to black women. Includes American reference and resources for each. (See Details)
Published: 2003
The lupus handbook for women: up-to-date information on understanding and managing the disease which affects 1 in 500 women
Provides information to help understand lupus, its diagnosis, and the treatment options.
Published: 1994
Lupus: everything you need to know
Provides clear and concise information about lupus for both patients and their families.
Published: 1997

Provides easy-to-understand information about lupus in women, including the ethnic differences in its incidence: African American women are three times more likely to get lupus than white women and tend to develop lupus at a younger age and have more severe symptoms than white women. Notes that lupus is also more common in Hispanic/Latina, Asian, and Native American women.  

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Published: 2009