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The pregnant worker: a resource document for health professionals: the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on environmental an
Provides information to assist physicians, nurses and others concerned with the health of pregnant workers.
Published: 1987
Final report: erotic/exotic dancing: HIV-related risk factors
Examines whether and how the occupation of exotic dancing and the lives and careers of exotic dancers might make them vulnerable to HIV infection. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Gender, health, and sustainable development: an African perspective
Presents the proceedings of a workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya, 5-8 October 1993. An examination of several themes such as: AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Gender; Tropical Diseases and Gender; Environmental Stress, Production Actvities, Health and Gender; Social Issues, Gender and Health are discussed. This also includes Working Group Discussions and Related Topics and initiatives informally presented at the workshop.
Published: 1994
Preventing work-related injuries: soft tissue injuries
Looks at ways to prevent soft-tissue injuries in the workplace. Also examines effective ways of dealing with these injuries. (See Details)
Published: 2005
The effect of caregiving on the health of informal caregivers: presentation of findings
Presents the findings of a study that examines the effects of caregiving on the health and well-being of a small non-representative sample of urban women caregivers. Eleven informants participated in two interviews, the first interview exploring caregiving from their personal experience, the second seeking classification and elaboration. Analysis revealed that the domain of caregiving could be captured by three dominant themes: first, the experience of loss and grieving; secondly, adapting and coping to the new reality; and finally, the short and long term impact of caregiving. This study affirms the need to begin now to involve caregivers locally, regionally, and nationally in developing and implementing policy that will make a difference.
Published: 2000
Satisfied workers, retained workers: effects of work and work environment on homecare workers' job satisfaction, stress, physica
Examines the effects of work and work environments on homecare workers' emotional, mental, and physical health and intention to leave their workplaces. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Trying to work it out: women's experiences in small workplaces
Provides a synthesis of research findings a study examining the coping and recovery processes of women of low-income status at–risk for/experiencing depression. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Occupational/environmental exposures
Lists Motherisk’s published research on the potential health risks of environmental and workplace exposure for pregnant women. (See Details)
Workplace harassment and violence report
Documents the range of harassment behaviours women experience when they enter the workplace. Identifies the range of workplace harassment and violence that women experience and examines the effects of their experiences. Provides recommendations for reducing the risk of harassment and for providing women with support and legal remedies if they are harassed. (See Details)
Published: 2004
Gender, health, and sustainable development: a Latin American perspective: proceedings of a workshop held in Montevideo, Uraguay
Proceedings of a Workshop held in Montevideo, Uruguay, 26-29 April 1994. A compilation of papers with the following themes: AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Gender; Environmental Stress, Production Activities, Health, and Gender; Tropical Diseases and Gender; Indigenous Peoples' Health Issues; and Health Care Providers. Includes Working Group Discussions and Related Topics and Initiatives Informally Presented at the Workshop.
Published: 1994