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Women's occupational health: a critical review and discussion of current issues
Discusses women's place in the workplace and its implications for occupational health, and provides a brief review of some gender-insensitive data-gathering techniques. Concentrates on the following four areas: methods and data collection; directing attention to women's occupational health problems; musculoskeletal disease; mental and emotional stress. Concludes by pointing out some neglected occupational groups and health issues.
Published: 1997
A healthy workplace is good for your health
Discusses the seven key ingredients to a healthy workplace, how a sense of control over working conditions can make a difference, and the Neighbour at Work principle of how reducing stress increases health. (See Details)
Guidebook on vicarious trauma: recommended solutions for anti-violence workers
Describes the effect on therapists, counsellors, and advocates resulting from exposure to the trauma experiences of their clients. Offers management strategies for vicarious trauma as an occupational hazard. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Integrating gender in ergonomic analysis: strategies for transforming women's work
Discusses the difficulty decision-makers, scientists, employers and even women seem to have in coming to grips with women's work-related health problems.
Published: 1999
Wounded workers: the politics of musculoskeletal injuries
Argues that musculoskeletal injuries affect the kind of health care patients receive, the way they are treated at their jobs, by their friends and families, and by their governments.
Published: 1998
Preventing work-related injuries: computers
Looks at the common hazards of computer work, as well as their causes. Provides suggestions for women to avoid problems from computer work. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Annotated bibliography on reproductive health hazards in the workplace in Canada
Presents an annotated bibliography with an emphasis on Canadian material and experience since 1980 and relevant legal cases since 1970 on reproductive health hazards in the workplace.
Published: 1988
Gender equality, work and health: a review of the evidence
Summarizes the evidence about the relationship between gender inequality and health and safety problems related to work. It reviews gender issues in research, policies and programmes on occupational health and safety, and highlights some specific issues for women.  (See Details)
Published: 2006
The pregnant worker: a resource document for health professionals: the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on environmental an
Provides information to assist physicians, nurses and others concerned with the health of pregnant workers.
Published: 1987
Final report: erotic/exotic dancing: HIV-related risk factors
Examines whether and how the occupation of exotic dancing and the lives and careers of exotic dancers might make them vulnerable to HIV infection. (See Details)
Published: 1998