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Losing ground: the effects of government cutbacks on women in British Columbia, 2001-2005

Focuses on the impact that government legislation and policy decisions are having on women in British Colubia. PDF required to read.

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Published: 2005
The Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada

Presents an overview of the funding and program components of the Federal Initiative. Outlines the history of Canada's HIV/AIDS strategy and the need for a new initiative to address the root causes of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Canada.

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Published: 2004
The impact of relationship recognition on lesbian women in Canada: still separate and only somewhat "equivalent"

Evaluates how the fact of relationship recognition affects lesbian and gay couples in terms of their legal, economic and social status.

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Published: 2001
Women's economic independence and security: a federal/provincial/territorial strategic framework

Presents a strategic framework for Canadian ministers responsible for the status of women to create policies that would improve economic gender equality.

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Published: 2001
First Nations women, governance and the Indian Act: a collection of policy research reports

Contains a collection of policy research reports on the effects of the Indian Act on women's roles in First Nations governments.

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Published: 2001
Women and the economy: long-term policy research issues

Discusses how long-term policy research questions relating to women and the economy must recognize the interconnection between social, economic and political developments.

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Published: 1997
Women's organizing and public policy in Canada and Sweden
Highlights the practices of unions and political parties in both Canada and Sweden and the effect that women's organizing has had on the framing and implementing of public policy.
Published: 1999
Solving poverty: four cornerstones of a workable national strategy for Canada
Highlights that Canada is out of step with important developments in preventing and reducing poverty. Looks at anti-poverty strategies in other countries and compares them to Canada, and comes up with four cornerstones. (See Details)
Published: 2007
Filipino nurses in Canada
Discusses Filipino nurses who are being recruited into Canada to work under the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP), not as nurses, but as nannies and 24-hour home support workers. (See Details)
Published: 2001
A woman in my position: the politics of breast implant safety
Describes the author's medical and emotional ordeal with breast implants.
Published: 1995