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Just the facts, ma'am... A women's guide for understanding evidence about health and health care

Presents tools women can use to assess arguments and evidence about women, health, and health care reforms.

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Published: 2005
Integrative approaches to qualitative and quantitative evidence

Provides a review of the literature on integrating qualitative and quantitative forms of evidence. Discusses the role of qualitative approaches in traditional trials and experimental studies. Also discusses at what point in the development of a field of knowledge it is appropriate to pull qualitative and quantitative learning together. Addresses the question of how to determine what constitutes good evidence from qualitative studies.

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Published: 2004
Best practices: methadone maintenance treatment

Provides information on evidence-based best practices in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), and the key components of comprehensive MMT programs.

Published: 2002
Canada health action: building on the legacy: volume II: synthesis reports and issues papers

Presents the detailed analysis and rational, as well as recommendations, that led to the forum's priorities, outlined in Volume I.

Published: 1997
Best practices: treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems

Identifies best practices related treatment and rehabilitation for seniors with substance use problems, and specialized substance abuse treatment programs for seniors in Canada.

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Published: 2002
Accessing social care research: an introductory guide

Provides guidance and tips on how to access research and other information relevant to social care. Written as an introductory guide and intended primarily as a starting point for those who wish to develop their evidence-based skills by increasing their knowledge of sources of social care research.

Published: 2003
Best practices: concurrent mental health and substance use disorders

Offers recommendations for the screening, assessment and treatment of people experiencing a combination of mental/psychiatric problems with the abuse of alcohol and/or other psychoactive drugs.

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Published: 2001
Evidence-based medicine

A bi-monthly online journal containing articles around evidence-based medicine and health. The websites allows access to tables of contents and selected full text articles.

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Expecting to quit: a best practices review of smoking cessation interventions for pregnant and postpartum girls and women

Examines smoking cessation interventions to determine the most effective strategies to faciliate smoking cessation both during pregnancy and into the postpartum period.

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Published: 2003
Summary report on current nursing workplace issues and best practices in Aboriginal communities. Final report, March 2002
Identifies nursing workplaces issues in Aboriginal communities, focussing on issues characterised as common and persistent within the national scope. Examines these issues and associated best practices solutions under 5 categories: leadership; partnerships; resource adequacy for client services; information management; and, human resources. Notes importance of community leaders' developing communication; surmises that, while communication was not identified as an issue, it is an underlying factor behind most workplace issues. Emphasises importance of developing best practice solutions to nursing issues, guided by more evidence-based, peer-reviewed research. Highlights need for respect of the health of nurses, who are becoming more scarce in, and yet are bearing more responsibility as primary care givers for ensuring and improving the health of, Aboriginal communities.
Published: 2002