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Improving public understanding: guidelines for communicating emerging science on nutrition, food safety, and health for journali

Discusses the emerging science on nutrition, food safety, and health, and provides guidelines for communicating findings.

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Published: 1998
Influence of information sources on the adoption of uterine fibroid embolization by interventional radiologists

Studies whether there is a relationship between the use of information sources and the awareness and adoption of uterine fibroid embolization by radiologists.

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Published: 2003
National conference on health info-structure

Examines how Canadians fear that in the future there will be no health care system when they will need it.

Published: 1998
Digital dangers: information & communication technologies and trafficking in women

Explores the possible relationships between trafficking women and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with a view to advancing understanding of these complex issues.

Published: 2005
Reaching out: a guide to communicating with Aboriginal seniors

Presents information for use by federal employees and officials of other governments and organizations that have dealings with Aboriginal people. Suggests ways to package and deliver information to improve the chances it will reach Aboriginal seniors and be understood. Appendices include: Using the Right Terms, Some Helpful Resources, National Aboriginal Organizations and Media, and Charts on the information needs of Aboriginal seniors and the information gathering patterns of Aboriginal seniors and other community members.

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Published: 1998
Tele-homecare consultation workshop

Reports on the Tele-homcare consultation workshop held in Toronto, ON in August 1998. This report presents the views solicited through discussion and plenary sessions at the workshop. It addresses the current status of tele-homecare projects, activities, and inititatives; identifies obstacles, barriers and opportunities for development; explores trends and future directions and suggests potential federal initiatives. Fifty people participated in the consultation workshop, including representatives from industry, government, health care provider and academic organizations and institutions. (See Details)

Published: 1998
International activities in tele-homecare: background paper

Reviews international projects and initiatives related to tele-homecare. Tele-homecare is the use of information and communication technologies to enable effective delivery and management of health services in a patient's residence.

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Published: 1998
Canada Health Infoway: paths to better health: final report

Presents the Advisory Council on Health Infostructure's vision, conclusions, recommendations and proposed action steps for the development of the Canada Health Infoway. Provides an overview of the Canada Health Infoway and how new information and communications technologies will be deployed in this pan-Canadian health information highway (Canada Health Infoway) or infostructure.

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Published: 1999
From workplace to workspace: using email lists to work together
Provides practical and useful advice on how to set up an email list, how to launch it, and how to keep it active and vibrant. (See Details)
Published: 1998
How to talk to your doctor
Provides suggestions of steps you can take to get the most out of your visits to the doctor, either before, during or after your visit. (See Details)
Published: 2000