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Islam and family planning

Provides an overview of the family planning and modern contraception policies of Muslim countries. Reviews Islamic jurisprudence and justifications for sanctioning family planning and concludes that Islam should not be considered a barrier toward the increased use of contraception in Islamic communities.

Published: 2004
Resources for emergency contraceptive pill planning: a toolkit

Presents information to help integrate emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) into family planning and reproductive health programs in developing countries.

Published: 2004
Network: improving service quality
Gives ways to improve the quality of family planning services include better staff training and client counseling, as well as offering clients a range of methods from which to choose. Also reviews how different methods affect menstrual bleeding, an important consideration when selecting a method. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Postabortion family planning benefits clients and providers
Argues that provision of family planning methods is a central feature of post-abortion and post-miscarriage care and can result in benefits for clients, providers, and programs. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Contraceptive choice: worldwide access to family planning: 1997 report on progress towards world population stabilization
Analyzes the accessibility and affordability of birth control methods, based on two data sets - one for developing countries, the other for developed countries. Also contains wall-chart.
Published: 1997
Women's voices, women's lives: the impact of family planning: a synthesis of findings from the Women's Studies Project, Family H
Examines the impact of family planning on women's lives through the process of surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews in ten different countries. (See Details)
Published: 1998
Rethinking differences and rights in sexual and reproductive health: a training manual for health care providers
Promotes an approach to sexual and reproductive health care that recognizes different needs and perspectives within a context of respect for the rights and dignity of men and women. Provides health professionals with a framework for examining the quality of care, including the quality of human relations, technical quality, and quality of administration and management of health services. (See Details)
Responding to Cairo: case studies of changing practice in reproductive health and family planning
Presents 22 case studies that examine past and present practice in reproductive health and family planning programs, in a variety of setting, highlighting changes and work yet to be done.
Published: 2002