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Increasing women's participation in municipal decision-making processes: strategies for more inclusive Canadian communities: a r

Provides tools, policies and best practices used in Canadian municipalities to effectively involve diverse women in municipal decision-making processes.

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Published: 2004
Opening the e-government file: governing in the 21st century

Considers what e-government is, how it may change government, what that may mean for Canadians, and what must be done to ensure that e-government is not only faster, smarter government but also more open, accountable, transparent, fair, and respectful of individual privacy. This paper is a primer for the Crossing Boundaries conference, held March 28-30, 2001 in Ottawa. The Crossing Boundaries project examines the impact of information technology on government.

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Published: 2001
Health care renewal in Canada: measuring up?
Discusses how it is time to examine the collective capacity to measure the performance of health care systems across the country and suggests ways to strengthen transparency and accountability in health care. (See Details)
Published: 2007
A report card: actions an anti-choice government can take to limit your access to reproductive health services
Provides a list of 16 actions an anti-choice government can take to limit access to reproductive services such as allowing public referendums on abortion, and imposing gag orders on family planning agencies funded by federal government. Looks at present government's actions. (See Details)
Women and positions of influence in New Brunswick
Provides statistical data on women's participation in positions of influence, including government, judicial system, and education. (See Details)
Published: 2006
Troubles with tampons

This article discusses dangers of tampon use; under researched and lack of information available from companies; chemicals, toxic shock syndrome; government inaction; alternatives to tampons.



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Published: 1980