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Including gender in health planning

Describes a guide developed for health programmers and planners in Regional Health Authorities on gender-based analysis.

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Published: 2005
Women and health care reform

Examines how health care reforms have impacted women, their health, work, and financial well-being.

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Published: 2000, 2002
Women and health: experiences in a rural regional health authority
Provides recommendations from women based on their knowledge, opinions and life experiences, to shape planning for women’s health and services within Manitoba’s rural South Eastman regional health authority. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Taking on goliath: an inside look at health planning

This article is an interview with Doreen Hamilton, a public health nurse who was the Maternal and Child Health Consultant with the Toronto Public Health Department and sat as a member of the Joint Committee on High-Risk Pregnancy; The committee produced a report calling for the establishment of a regionalized perinatal network in Toronto along the lines of a programme that was operating in Cleveland, Ohio at the time. In this interview, she shares her critical experience of the health planning process.

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Published: 1980