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"Missing voices": mothers at risk for or experiencing apprehension in the child welfare system in BC

Examines the experiences of mothers who have had their children apprehended by the child welfare system in British Columbia, or are at risk of the same. Presents recommendations.

Assessing the impact of social policy reform on women's health

Summarizes the results of a research project that examined the impact of changes in social policy on the health of single mothers.

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Published: 2001
Single mothers: surviving below the poverty line. Assessing the impact of social policy reform on women's health (Prince Edward

Assesses the impact of social policy changes on the health of single mothers on Social Assistance, many with significant health problems directly related to deprivation and stress. Includes recommendations identified by study participants to improve their lives and health.

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Published: 1999
No car, no radio, no liquor permit: the moral regulation of single mothers in Ontario, 1920-1997
Examines the history of single mothers on welfare in Ontario. Shows how single mothers throughout history have opened their homes and their lives to intrusive investigations to prove themselves financially and morally worthy.
Published: 1998
Parenting on your own
Provides information about and resources for health, child care, finances, housing and many other topics for single parents. Includes resources as well as contact information for community organizations. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Rethinking health disparities: social and economic inclusion and lone mothers
Presents a poster that describes a research project looking at ways policy and research can help address health inequities experienced by single mothers. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Resilience: stories of single black mothers (film)

A 48-minute documentary that confronts long-held sterotypes by stepping inside the lives of three real women in the real world.  Follows Nancy, Simone and Gloria as they reflect on their experiences of balancing single parenthood, working life, relationships and the fulfilment of their own goals in the context of a society that is often harshly judgemental. By interweaving these intimate stories, the documentary offers a deeper understanding of the challenges, practical strategies and dreams of three resilient women and, indeed, of many black single mothers in Canada.

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