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Pregnant? Need help? Pregnancy options workbook

Provides exercises and guidance to help you make a strong decision if you discover you are pregnant. Provides advice for parents and for male partners.

Published: 1999
What people ask us about adopting Special Needs children

Provides links to articles that cover topics such as the adoption of older children, drug-exposed children, and children at risk of schizophrenia. Lists FAS resources in BC.

Unsure about your pregnancy?: a guide to making the right decision for you

Lists options available to pregnant women and poses questions about plans, values, and feelings to help in deciding which option to choose. Suggests where to get more information and help.

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Published: 1992
Ann Rose's ultimate birth control links page
Provides extensive links to birth control information for individuals of all ages to make informed decisions about sexual activity and potential childbearing. (See Details)
Published: 1996-2003
"I am pregnant"
Explores the three options available to women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy: parenting, adoption and abortion. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Tips for families considering NAS or alcohol affected babies
Offers suggestions to people who are considering adopting children who have been exposed prenatally to drugs or alcohol. (See Details)
What else ... unintended pregnancy
Outlines the options available to a woman experiencing an unintended pregnancy. (See Details)
Thinking through infertility

This article discusses infertility. Lists rates of infertility, reasons for infertility and explains the emotional adjustments many women go through when learning they are infertile. 

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Published: 1989