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Women's experiences of armed conflict in Uganda, Gulu District 1986-1999: part 1

Evaluates the impact of the war on women of Gula focusing on their war experience, the position of their rights, their coping mechanisms with the war and contributions to their society in distress.

Published: 2001
Adolescent girls affected by violent conflict: why should we care?

Recognizes the specific situations of adolescent girls affected by violent conflict. Examines adolescent girls' participation in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, and community development.

Published: 2005
State of the world's mothers 2003: protecting women and children in war and conflict

Examines conditions for mothers and children in all countries of the world. Analyzes 40 of today’s brutal conflicts and tells where the safety and security of mothers and children are most at risk. Grades the conflict zones in terms of how well women’s and children’s protection needs are being addressed and shows where the unmet needs are greatest.

 (See Details)
Published: 2003
Medical interventional study of war affected Gulu District, Uganda. Part two
Details a plethora of war related physical, mental and psycholgoical malformations in just one of the over 30 Internally Displaced Peoples' Camps of Gulu, that were serious to warrent specialised attention.
Published: 2001
Women and peace-building
Presents the writing and stories of women who are working for and theorizing peace in their communities.
Published: 2003
Women, peace and security
Examines women's perspectives on security, including military security, peacekeeping, and domestic and state violence. Looks at the impact of these issues on Canadian women.
Published: 2004
Taking care of ourselves, our families and our communities: responding to the stress of terrorism and armed conflicts
Offers recommendations to help cope with the stress of terrorist attacks and armed conflict. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Post traumatic stress disorder: the lived experience of immigrant, refugee and visible minority women
Describes awareness among physicians, psychiatrists and other service providers, and their experiences with immigrant, refugee and Aboriginal women. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Gender equity and peacebuilding from rhetoric to reality: a discussion paper
Presents a review of recent literature on issues of gender in the context of conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. Indicates a slow but positive shift in international opinion and understanding about the consequences of conflict on women and the importance of their participation in peacebuilding processes and post-conflict social transformation. Details gender discrimination which continues through political exclusion, economic marginalization, and sexual violence during and after conflict, denying women their human rights and constraining the potential for development. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Clinical management of survivors of rape: a guide to the development of protocols for use in refugee and internally displaced pe
Describes best practices in clinical management of women, men and children who have been raped. Intended for use by qualified health care providers (health coordinators, medical doctors, clinical officers, midwives and nurses). Takes into account national policies and practices, and availability of materials and drugs. (See Details)
Published: 2002