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What to expect when you're experiencing infertility: how to cope with the emotional crisis and survive it
Provides information to lead the reader dealing with infertility from the crisis phase to acceptance to resolution to the epilogue.
Published: 1998
Psychiatric admissions of low-income women following abortion and childbirth
Explores psychological effects of abortion on low-income women by comparing incidents of psyciatric admission between low-income women who carried pregnancies to term and those who had abortions. (See Details)
Published: 2003
Investigating psychosocial adjustment in breast cancer: a discussion paper
Discusses critical adjustment difficulties facing women with breast cancer and their families. Identifies gaps in addressing the psychosocial needs of women.
Published: 1997
The emotional turmoil of infertility

This article covers the issue of infertility. Identifies reasons why infertility rates are rising. Addresses emotional aspects. Proposes stronger advocacy for people dealing with the problem of infertility. 

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Published: 1982
Working through despair

This article addresses the despair that an increasing number of people are experiencing in relation to imagining the future of our planet. Introduces the concept of despair work; symptoms and suppression, validation, feeling, imaging, waiting and community. 

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Published: 1982
Women and therapy

This article is the third of a special issue of Healthsharing on the topic of women and therapy by The Feminist Therapy Study/Support Group. Explains the roots and practice of feminist therapy. 

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Published: 1982
Failure of free enterprise: private dental practice

This article takes a look at private dental practice. Political, practical and emotional aspects. 

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Published: 1984
No place to call home

This article highlights the struggle to find housing for ex-psychiatric patients. Explores resources available. Identifies cultural stigmas and systemic barriers in place. 

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Published: 1988
Behind the headlines: the physical and emotional costs of in vitro fertilization

This article is an attempt to present the reality of in vitro fertilization as it was experienced by 20 Canadian women.  Discusses the controversial success rates of IVF. Lists the details of what to expect in an IVF procedure. 


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Published: 1989
"dear mr. m"

This article shares a story of surviving the psychiatric system through letters and personal narrative and reflection.  Discusses women and mental health,  institutionalization, patient-physician relationships and support. 

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Published: 1989