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Midwifery in Canada: directions for research: proceeding from the National Invitational Workshop on Midwifery Research May 9-11-

Reports on conference bringing together researchers interested in midwifery to encourage exchange of ideas and information.

 (See Details)
Published: 2001
Synopsis of the Aboriginal Women's Health Report: 1995
Includes sysnopses of presentations given at a workshop in held in Winnipeg in 1995 regarding Aboriginal women's health issues. Also includes recommendations prepared at the workshop to improve the status of Aboriginal health, and in particualr, the health status of Aboriginal women.
Published: 1996
Dialogue on Aboriginal health: sharing our challenges and our successes
Presents the discussions and presentations given at the "Dialogue on Aboriginal Health: Sharing our Challenges" conference, held June 24, 2002 in Aylmer, Quebec. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Proceedings from The Midwifery Way: a national forum reflecting on the state of midwifery regulation in Canada
Examines past achievements in midwifery care in Canada, and presents considerations of how to ensure that midwifery is supported in continued growth, for midwives and their clients. (See Details)
Published: 2005
Gender, health, and sustainable development: a Latin American perspective: proceedings of a workshop held in Montevideo, Uraguay
Proceedings of a Workshop held in Montevideo, Uruguay, 26-29 April 1994. A compilation of papers with the following themes: AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Gender; Environmental Stress, Production Activities, Health, and Gender; Tropical Diseases and Gender; Indigenous Peoples' Health Issues; and Health Care Providers. Includes Working Group Discussions and Related Topics and Initiatives Informally Presented at the Workshop.
Published: 1994
Exploring gender perspectives in population and health programs: workshop findings and recommendations
Presents recommendations on integrating gender considerations into population, health and nutrition project design. (See Details)
Published: 2002
1992 conference women and justice/injustice: eight years 'till 2000
Provides a report on the 1992 conference "Women and Justice/Injustice."
Published: 1992
Women's health research
Examines the challenges in women's health research. Prepared for the Canada-U.S.A. Women's Health Forum, Ottawa, ON, 1996 (CANUSA). (See Details)
Published: 1996
Made to measure: designing research, policy and action approaches to eliminate gender inequity: national symposium proceedings
Proceedings of the National Symposium "Made to Measure: Designing Research, Policy and Action Approaches to Eliminate Gender Inequity" held at the Westin Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 3-6, 1999.
Published: 1999
Maternal mortality and morbidity: strategies for change: 1996 evaluation meeting in South Asia
Documents the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity: Strategies for Change meeting that took place in Bangalore, India on May 13-16, 1996, whose purpose was to establish the effectiveness of initiatives by the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) in addressing the problems of maternal mortality and morbidity in Southeast Asia.
Published: 1996