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The healthsharing book: resources for Canadian women
Addresses childbearing, aging, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, fertility, sexuality, women and therapy, violence, menstruation, menopause, DES, occupational and environmental health, cancer and poverty and health.
Published: 1985
The pregnant worker: a resource document for health professionals: the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on environmental an
Provides information to assist physicians, nurses and others concerned with the health of pregnant workers.
Published: 1987
Canada's national report to the United Nations for the Fourth World conference of women: September 1995, Beijing, China
Provides information on Canada's national and international activities and accomplishments that address the needs of Canadian women and that will bring them closer to equality with men.
Published: 1994
Provides a historical glimpse of the breast-feeding movement in canada.
Published: 1988
Invention of hysteria: Charcot and the photographic iconography of the Salpetriere
Demonstrates the way in which the concept of hysteria was created out of the visual representations created by Charcot.
Published: 2003
Cleavage: technology, controversy, and the ironies of the man-made breast
Examines the history of breast implant technology from 1895 to 1990. Looks at politics and bias in medical practice and the role of bureaucracies, corporations, and governments in establishing policy and regulating implant technology.
Published: 2000
Women in medicine: a celebration of their work
Presents a photographic tribute to the dedicated professionals who represent women in many disciplines, including physicians and surgeons, midwives, nurses, technicians, therapists, physicians' assistants and researchers.
Published: 2004
The history of medications for women
Provides an illustrated history of medications for women in all the great cultures and civilizations, from ancient times to the present.
Published: 2000
Caring for ourselves: an alternative structure for health care, report on the Vancouver Women's Health Collective
Reports on the history, philosophy and programs of the Vancouver Women's Health Collective, its successes, failures and future. Contains the following sections: Background; Methodology of this research report; Organization and philosophy of the Collective; Participation in the Collective: members, clients and funding; Daily operations; Health education; The Vancouver Women's Self-Help Clinic; Conclusions and recommendations.
Published: 1978
A history of the breast
Explores twenty-five thousand years of ideas, images, and perceptions of the female breast-in religion, psychology, politics, society, and the arts.
Published: 1997