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Network/Le Réseau Fall 2000
Published: 2000
Are there alternatives to drugs?

Discribes how health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of well-being in which the mind, body and spirit are balanced. This article was adapted from the original, which was published in Depression Expression, a newsletter published in 2006 by Health Mind, Body, Planet.

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Published: 2009
Thoughts on sex without science

This article is about the sexuality of women who have sex with men. Discusses The beginnings of gynecological thought and practice; A call to move from the symptoms-analysis-cure approach to a holistic approach. Encourages women to be their own experts; To think critically about their sexuality and how they feel about their bodies.

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Published: 1980
Ultrasound: the first wave

This article shares the story of ultra sound technology and how it became a routine part of prenatal care. Provides information about what exactly ultra sound is and who benefits from this marketed technology. Explores social, ethical and legal issues. 

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Published: 1985
Mid-life adventure : a wilderness survival experience

This article shares a menopausal woman's experience of defying stereotypes, pushing past her assumed limitations and finding her strength. Introduces the wilderness program Outward Bound. 

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Published: 1989
A case for lay abortion: learning from midwifery

This article examines the history of lay abortion. Seeks to close the gap between the pro-choice and midwifery movements. 

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Published: 1983