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Getting rid of the crab
Published: 1981
Through the medical maze

This article examines one woman's experience with breast cancer. 

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Published: 1984
Cigarettes, a feminist issue

This article demonstrates why tobacco is a feminist concern. Discusses the politics of tobacco, cigarettes as symbols. Illustrates the importance of breaking the silence around the dangers of tobacco use. Offers a list of organizations which stress prevention and provide support and information for smokers trying to quit. 

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Published: 1986
Whose womb Is It, anyway?

This article covers the Baby R controversy, the story of how the B.C Family and Child Services Act had been successfully used to seize a fetus and thereby force a woman into unwanted surgery.  Explains how this case set a dangerous precedent for all pregnant women. 

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Published: 1988
Testing positive

This article discusses the implications of HIV for women and how women's experiences with HIV are different from those of men. Explores the resources and support options available for women living with HIV.  


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Published: 1990
Sex and punishment : the politics of cervical cancer

This article maintains that the question of what causes cervical cancer has profound implication for women's health. Discusses the necessary move for medical researchers to broaden their approach to the causation of cervical cancer to take into account the complex social and environmental influences on women's lives. 


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Published: 1992