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Midwifery: from recognition to regulation - the perils of government intervention

This article discusses new midwifery legislation and the side effects of government recognition. Illustrates the unique and valuable role of a midwife. 


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Published: 1992
Mind the (gender) gap…in Canada’s new mental health framework

The Canadian Wiomens Health Network's response to the Mental Health Commission of Canada's (MHCC) first draft framework of a Canadian mental health strategy (released in January 2009). 

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Published: 2009
Birthing options

This article discusses the continued struggle of the medicalization of birth for families, questions promising alternative birthing options and whether they have the capacity to bring about concrete change and questions the accessibility of these new birthing options; suggests systemic shifts are still needed.

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Published: 1979
Not the oldest profession

This article consists of an interview with two women about problems they encountered while working for a professional patient teaching program. 

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Published: 1985
Long distance delivery

This article speaks to the unfortunate effects of regionalization on women's health. Indicates how regionalization shapes the birth experiences of women in many areas of Canada. Introduces The Project on Out-of-Town Birth research project.  A survey of health professionals reviewed. 

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Published: 1988
Health carelessness and the plight of immigrant women

This article shares stories of immigrant women living in Manitoba. Examines what can happen to newcomers who need medical care, yet are still struggling to understand the health-care system, its culture and society. Illustrates the challenges immigrant women face in having their needs met. 


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Published: 1993