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Canadian guidelines for sexual health education

Revised from 2003 edition. Offers clear direction to assist local, regional and national groups as well as organizations and government bodies concerned with education and community health to further develop and improve sexual health education policies and programs that address the diverse needs of Canadians. Provides the framework for evaluating existing sexual health education programs policies, and related services available to Canadians.

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Published: 2008
A handbook for health and social service professionals responding to abuse during pregnancy

Provides assistance to help professionals identify and respond appropriately to the needs of women who are abused during pregnancy. Presents an overview of the research as well as practical applications.

Published: 1999
Improving public understanding: guidelines for communicating emerging science on nutrition, food safety, and health for journali

Discusses the emerging science on nutrition, food safety, and health, and provides guidelines for communicating findings.

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Published: 1998
Information for professionals

Provides links to related sites that can help service providers such as members of the health care professions, social services, justice services, and community groups to develop intervention procedures and protocols that meet the needs of abused women. PDF is available via this link.

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Published: 2002
Women's Health Clinic model of care

Presents the agency's model of care, including the philosophy and approach to providing women-centred health services.

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Resources on confidentiality for self-help/mutual aid support groups

Provides a collection of resources to help groups take steps to build clarity and commitment about confidentiality within their groups. Includes an introductory fact sheet, planning guides, help sheets, and group activity sheets.

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Published: 2003
Gender mainstreaming: conceptual framework, methodology and presentation of good practices: final report of activities of the Group of Specialists on Mainstreaming

The report is the result meetings of the Group of specialists on mainstreaming (EG-S-MS), which was set up by the Council of Europe in 1995. The report contains a conceptual framework on gender mainstreaming. It places the strategy of mainstreaming in the context of achievements in terms of gender equality. It provides a methodology for gender mainstreaming. The reports also discusses the points to keep in mind when elaborating a policy plan on gender mainstreaming and gives some indications for monitoring the process. (See Details)

Published: 1998
Mainstreaming gender in the response to AIDS in Southern Africa: a guide for the integration of gender issues into the work of AIDS Service Organisations

Designed to assist AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) in responding to AIDS in Southern Africa to make their programs more responsive to gender issues. (See Details)

Published: 2001
Well-written health information: a guide

Assists health practitioners to work with consumers to design written health information to ensure the information meets consumer needs, is comprehensive in scope, and is presented in an unbiased way.

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Published: 2000
A handbook for dealing with woman abuse and the Canadian criminal justice system: guidelines for physicians

Examines the issue of woman abuse, particularly as it pertains to the interaction of physicians with the Canadian criminal justice system.

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Published: 1999