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Paving the highway to women's health

Discusses the Internet as effective tool in the areas of organizing and collective action, developping public policy, disseminating knowledge and sharing ideas.

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Published: 1998
Women on listservs

Discusses how women's use of listservs can help share valuable health information.

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Published: 1998
Essential tips for successful collaboration

Describes key elements that contribute to the development and sustainability of successful collaborations around complex issues.

Woman power & politics

Provides a resource to help guide women on getting or staying involved in government and politics, and on understanding where in our political systems women can maximize their power. Reviews options for democratic reform that would provide women with more access to political power and defines different forms of advocacy, including a feminist approach to organizing.

Published: 2003
How non-profit organizations can use the internet and open source software

Demonstrates how the Internet and open source software can assist nonprofit organizations.

Published: 2003
E-quality for women

Examines central issues raised by women's organizations during the 2002 pan-Canadian online consultation with women and women's equality organizations and the 2003 international discussions on Women and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Published: 2003
Building a coalition on the "G" Case in British Columbia
Discusses programs here activists on women and addictions issues and those working to prevent alcohol and drug-related development disabilities (ADRDD) work together. (See Details)
Published: 1997
A learning guide to public involvement in Canada
A new tool for anyone starting from scratch to develop a public involvement project. Designed to be a self-managed reference tool with Web links to most of the sources cited. The guide offers an overview of the theory of public involvement and includes some practical examples.It includes a glossary, some insight into the latest trends and instruction on how to apply public involvement methods to a specific purpose. (See Details)
Published: February 2007
Discussion paper on approaches to consultation
Outlines the proposed policy on consultation, including the thirteen key principles, methods, constraints and follow-up. (See Details)
Published: 1997
Organizing against violence: an anti-racist & anti-sexist perspective
Summarizes responses to the massacre of two families in Vernon, B.C., including the formation and action strategies of the Coalition of South Asian Women Against Violence. (See Details)
Published: 1997