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Resources on confidentiality for self-help/mutual aid support groups

Provides a collection of resources to help groups take steps to build clarity and commitment about confidentiality within their groups. Includes an introductory fact sheet, planning guides, help sheets, and group activity sheets.

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Published: 2003
Ensuring privacy and confidentiality on Canada's health iway

Deals with issues of access, ownership, and control of health information systems.

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Published: 1998
Can confidentiality survive? A day of study on disclosure of personal records in sexual assault cases
Contains articles on the disclosure of personal records in sexual assault cases by various women involved in law and sexual assault centres. Provides background information on the production and disclosure of personal records of complainants in sexual assault trials, a review of the case law leading up to the introduction of Bill C-46 and a brief consideration of the legal landscape in the post Bill C-46 era. Examines the constitutionality of Bill C-46, where this Bill came form and why we need it, the equality rationales that support it, as well as the elements of this Bill that are vulnerable to being struck down. Explores reactions to sexual assault, treatment of victims of sexual assault, the therapist patient relationship and the nature of psychiatric records. Also assesses the impact of the threat of disclosure of psychiatric records on patients who have been sexually assaulted thinking about going into therapy, currently in therapy, and women considering going to therapy for any reason. Deals with the damage to the sexual assault survivor of disclosing personal records.
Published: 1998