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Moving in the right direction? Regionalizing maternal health services in British Columbia

Summarizes findings of a study that provides a snapshot of how maternity clients are affected by many of the policy changes that are taking place at provincial and local levels.

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Published: 2000
Immigration and perinatal risk

Investigates factors associated with the immigrant experience that may increase vulnerability to health risks during the perinatal period of pregnancy.

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Published: 2001
Birth rights: new approaches to safe motherhood

Outlines the causes of high maternal mortality rates in areas of the world and suggests political and socioeconomic causes.

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Published: 2001
Perinatal health indicators for Canada: a resource manual

Provides information on 24 indicators currently being monitored by the Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System (CPSS).

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Published: 2000
Canadian perinatal health report 2000

Contains information on 24 perinatal health indicators. Presents surveillance results, data and lists key references. Includes statistics and graphs for the most recent years available.

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Published: 2000
The childbirth picture book: a picture story of reproduction from a woman's view
Presents the biological facts of reproduction with drawings and short, factual explanations.
Published: 1989
Preconcepton health: folic acid for the primary prevention of neural tube defects: a resource document for health professionals
Discusses the causes and implications of neural tube defects such as spina bifuda. Reviews findings that demonstrate consumption of folic acid before and during pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects. (See Details)
Published: 2002
Ann Rose's ultimate birth control links page
Provides extensive links to birth control information for individuals of all ages to make informed decisions about sexual activity and potential childbearing. (See Details)
Published: 1996-2003
Pregnancy and birth: the best evidence
Provides information on the effectiveness of all aspects of prenatal care.
Published: 1999
Building on strengths: proceedings report: Canada prenatal nutrition program regional workshop
Gives information on nutrition and nutrition programs.
Published: 1998