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Complaint letter to Health Canada: Pfizer "toe-tag" ad

This letter to Health Canada argues that the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer, has been running television ads with misleading information on cardiovascular risks and using Canadian's fear of death from heart disease in order to promote sales of its product.  It urges Health Canada to take regulatory action on this campaign.

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Published: January 2004
An open letter to WTO members

This letter outlines Women and Health Protection's objections to efforts by the United States and other countries to limit the scope of diseases covered under the Doha Declaration of November 2001.

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Published: 2002
What should public consultation look like?

The thesis of this article is that the Canadian tradition of secrecy around the approval of drugs and devices, coupled with inadequate post-marketing surveillance, has harmed Canadian women and their families. Mains states that proposed changes to the legislative framework must ensure greater transparency and accountability to the approval process as well as enforcement of more stringent conflict of interest guidelines. This peice includes a list of recommendations.

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Published: July 2000
CanWest Charter Challenge on direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs

Discusses the Charter Challenge case of CanWest Mediaworks against the federal government on the issue of direct-to-consumer advertising  (DTCA). Reviews what the different parties are saying, and shows expert testimony on the specific harm to women of DTCA.

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Published: 2007
Mental health and pregnancy: an exploration of issues regarding the use of prescription medications

Summarizes findings from a three-part project conducted by Women and Health Protection (at the National Network on Environments and Women’s Health) examining issues surrounding use of prescription memdications for treating depressions during pregnancy.

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Published: December 2010
Submission from WHP to Health Canada in response to Blueprint for Renewal: Transforming Canada's Approach to Regulating Health Products and Food

Critique of Health Canada's “Blueprint for Renewal: Transforming Canada 's Approach to Regulating Health Products and Food.” Discusses direct-to-consumer advertising and the harms to women.


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Published: 2006
Pharmaceuticals manufacturing: what do we know about the occupational health and safety hazards for women working in the industry?

Describes how pharmaceuticals are developed and produced, and what is known about the associated hazards. Includes an overview of health and safety laws in Canada and elsewhere, as well as some examples of relevant best practices. Concludes with a series of recommendations. Abridged version of “Occupational health and safety hazards in pharmaceuticals manufacturing: Past, present and future knowledge, policies and possibilities, particularly for women,” written by Dorothy Wigmore for Women and Health Protection.

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Published: March 2009
Evidence for Caution: Women and Statin Use

Discusses a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins and the risks to women.

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Published: June 2007
Pregnancy and mental health: a review of popular pregnancy information sources

Examines the information available to the Canadian public through popular pregnancy information sources to assess gaps in information available and determine the extent, if any, of the difference between public information and medical literature on this topic.

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Published: March 2009
Reflections on Depo Provera: Contributions to Improving Drug Regulation in Canada

Examines the ongoing story of Depo Provera, including: its regulatory history; how it has been and continues to be used, and; what is known about its safety profile.

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Published: October 2007