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Bearing up with cancer: life, and living with ...

Shows us what it's like to live with cancer by narrating her experiences, all illustrated using her childhood alter ego, Bear, to play the part of the patient.

Published: 2004
Reproductive questions and answers for cancer survivors: a guide for teens

Talks about hormones and ovaries, premature ovarie failure, fertility and pregnancy, fertility treatments, other fertility issues, and sexual relationships after cancer. Avaliable in html and pdf.

Published: 1999-2004
Sexuality & cancer: for the woman who has cancer, and her partner
Discusses women's sexuality and how it is effected by cancer. Touches on what a "normal" sex life is, healthy sexual response, and elements of female sexual desire and response. Discusses the keys for staying sexually healthy despite cancer treatment, effects of cancer treatment on female sexual desire and response, ways of dealing with sexual problems, special aspects of some treatments, how to keep your sex life going, and myths about cancer. Also included is a special section for single women: when to talk about your cancer, the possibility of rejection and improving your social life. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Turning heads: portraits of grace, inspiration, and possibilities
Presents a compilation of photographs of women bald from chemotherapy.
Published: 2006
Strength in numbers: project plans to unite support services for women with breast and reproductive cancers

This article highlights the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer's 2008 report entitled "Where Do We Go From Here? Suport services for women with breast, cervical, ovarian and uterine cancer in Atlantic Canada" which looks at the idea of merging services to meet the needs of the underserved gynaecological cancer population.

 (See Details)
Published: Fall/Winter 2009/2010