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Experts vs. online consumers: a comparative credibility study of health and finance web sites

Compares the results of two parallel studies in which a small group of health and finance experts and a large group of consumers evaluated the credibility of web sites. Concludes that health experts assign more importance to the reputation, information sources, and motives behind sites. Consumers tend to assess health sites more on the basis of overall visual design.

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Published: 2002
Baseline measures workgroup final report

Presents a series of mutually determined 'baseline measures' to be used to monitor the performance of Aboriginal health care programs, whether Tribal or federally operated. Examines and makes recommendations on long term public health issues for all American Indian/Alaska Native programs whether they are Tribal, urban or Federally operated.

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Published: 1996
Evaluation made very easy, accessible, and logical

Provides an evaluation resource guide for community-based organizations. Presents basic definitions, frameworks, and examples from community, academic, and Internet resources.

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Published: 2002
Evaluating programs for women: a gender-specific framework (2000 revised edition)

Presents revisions to the first edition (1999) incorporating the results of pilot evaluations. Provides a more detailed explanation of elements and processes.

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Published: 2000
A hands-on guide to planning and evaluation
Provides a hands-on guide to planning and evaluating education and prevention programs for community-based AIDS groups.
Published: 1996
Summary of findings: survey of projects funded by the community action initiatives program tobacco demand reduction strategy
Provides a summary of findings on a survey of projects funded by the community action initiatives program tobacco demand reduction strategy.
Published: 1997
Evaluating health promotion: practice and methods
Sets the concepts of health promotion and of evaluation in their historical context and highlights key issues in the evaluation of health promotion interventions.
Published: 2000
An evaluation of Tamara's House: a community-based strategy for healing consequences of child sexual abuse
Describes a research study with approximately 80 survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) to evaluate the effectiveness of a Tamara's House approach to address the major consequences of CSA. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Guide to project evaluation: a participatory approach
Provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive framework for project evaluation. This framework can be used to strengthen evaluation skills and knowledge to assist in the development and implementation of effective project evaluations. (See Details)
Published: 1996
Evaluating programs for women: a gender-specific framework
Suggests the use of woman-centred and equity-sensitive processes, and considerations focussing on involvement and empowerment in establishing an evaluation committee.
Published: 1998