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Nursing best practice guideline: interventions for postpartum depression

Focuses on the confirmation, prevention, and treatment of mothers with depressive symptoms in the first postpartum year.

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Published: 2005
Injectable medroxyprogesterone acetate for contraception

Gives a summary from the available evidence to guide clinical decisions about depot medroxyprogesterone acetate, also known as Depo-provera (DMPA).

Published: 2000
Guidelines for vaginal birth after previous caesarean birth

Provides evidence-based guidelines for the provision of a trial of labour (TOL) after Caesarean section.

Published: 2005
Intimate partner violence consensus statement

Provides health care providers with a summary of current knowledge on intimate partner violence (IPV). Proposes recommendations for best practices and identifies tools and resources to support interventions.

Published: 2005
Nursing best practice guideline: woman abuse: screening, identification and initial response

Offers nurses a repertoire of strategies that can be adapted to various practice environments in order to facilitate routine universal screening for woman abuse by nurses in all practice settings. PDF required to read.

Published: 2005
Use of hormonal replacement therapy after treatment of breast cancer

Reviews the use of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) after treatment of breast cancer and provides recommendations.

Published: 2004
Exercise and pregnancy: position statement

Presents clinical guidelines for safe exercise during low risk pregnancy. Summarizes research on the risks and benefits of exercise in pregnancy.

Breast cancer, pregnancy, and breastfeeding

Reviews evidence on whether pregnancy and breastfeeding change the lifetime risk for breast cancer in women.

Published: 2002
Canadian contraception consensus: part 1 of 3

Reviews the statistics on contraceptive use and gives information on the determinants of contraception and various aspects of sexual health.

Published: 2004
Emergency contraceptive pills: medical services and delivery guidelines

Provides service delivery guidelines to give family planning and other reproductive health programs and practitioners the information they need to provide ECPs safely and effectively.

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Published: 2003