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Women and tobacco: an international epidemic

Describes research looking at the different aspects of women's roles in the consumption and production of tobacco, the effects of tobacco use on women's health, and the impact of tobacco control efforts on girls and women around the world.

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Published: 2006
Filtered policy: women and tobacco in Canada

Develops a gendered-analysis of Tobacco policy, contextualized in the national and international tobacco control and reduction movement, and identifies women-centred policy directions to reduce women's tobacco use.

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Published: 2000
Tobacco control

Aims to study: the nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide; the effect of tobacco use on health, the economy, the environment and society; he efforts of the health community and health advocates to prevent and control tobacco use; and, the activities of the tobacco industry and its allies to promote tobacco use. (See Details)

Smoking policies in schools, daycares, health care institutions and commercial settings
Looks at trends in school smoking policies over the past five years and draws some conclusions for future directions.
Published: 1995
Women and tobacco: a framework for action
Provides a litterature review on women and tobacco, as well as gender differences in tobacco use.
Published: 1995
Understanding the needs of nurses working in First Nations and Inuit communities with respect to misuse of tobacco, and current
Informs the work of the First Nations and Inuit Control Strategy in areas of capacity building and community engagement through the exploration and understanding of needs of nurses working with and in First Nations and Inuit communities, relative to tobacco misuse and current trends in health promotion. Examines what is needed, what is working and what can be shared among First Nations and Inuit communities, regarding tobacco misuse reduction, from the voices of the front line workers, the nurses themselves. (See Details)
Published: 2003
ABC of smoking cessation: policy priorities for tobacco control
Examines tobacco reduction policies and strategies, and identifies areas and communities that still require work. (See Details)
Published: 2004
How gender-based policies can help limit the spread of tobacco use among girls and women and improve their lives
Examines how preventing the full expansion of the tobacco epidemic among the world’s women will be a critical factor in improving the status of women. (See Details)
Published: Spring/Summer 2007
Women and the tobacco epidemic: challenges for the 21st century
Contributes to the global effort to confront and control the tobacco epidemic. Reviews the most current data and provides overviews concerning the global situation. Examines topics which range from prevalence of tobacco use among women and girls to addiction and treatment. Also deals with the critical issues of national economic policy, international treaties and strategies for mobilization at regional and international levels. Addresses concerns of tobacco control policymakers, public health advocates, economic planners, as well as women leaders. (See Details)
Published: 2001
Women's health issues: smoking
Examines the risks of smoking for women and girls, the politics of tobacco, and the deceptions of tobacco advertising. Also includes a series of related articles. (See Details)
Published: 2001