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Women and tobacco: an international epidemic

Describes research looking at the different aspects of women's roles in the consumption and production of tobacco, the effects of tobacco use on women's health, and the impact of tobacco control efforts on girls and women around the world.

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Published: 2006
Filtered policy: women and tobacco in Canada

Develops a gendered-analysis of Tobacco policy, contextualized in the national and international tobacco control and reduction movement, and identifies women-centred policy directions to reduce women's tobacco use.

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Published: 2000
Reducing harm: a better practices review of tobacco policy and vulnerable populations

Assesses evidence of the effectiveness of three aspects of tobacco control policy (sales restrictions, restrictions on location of smoking, and taxation and pricing), and the extent to which these tobacco control policies are gender-biased and have a differential impact on three vulnerable populations of male and female smokers.  Assesses the impact and consequences of these tobacco control policies on males and females of people living on low income, Aboriginal people, and adolescents.

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Published: 2007